“I am my own fashion icon” – singer DexStar speaks fashion and style

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Cameroonian singer, DexStar is opening up about his fashion sense and says fashion is something he was born with and has only grown to develop what has always been there.

The US based musician just announced his exit from music group, PBrodaz and has gone ahead to drop his first solo single, ‘My Way‘. But when it comes to fashion and style, DexStar already knows his way.

DexStar is best known for his versatility in fashion. He loves the trends but always makes sure to turn the trends into his own style.  From suits to casual outfits, the singer just knows how to put it all together in order to bring out his uniqueness and personality to the forefront.

Music is his passion but fashion is his heartbeat. DexStar speaks with us in a brief interview and here’s how he defines his style.

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DexStar speaks fashion and style


1. Why do you love fashion?

I love fashion because it’s in-born. I really don’t force it. I believe it’s a natural thing for me. Most times I9 feel it’s a calling.

2. How will you describe your style?

My style is unique, stylish, elegant.

3. Who is your fashion icon and why?

The funniest thing is, my fashion icon is me, Terence DexStar. Like I said, it’s in-born and I don’t look out for no other person cozI just do my own thing, put things together and make my own fashion statements . I am my own fashion icon.

4. Suits or Casual:Which do you prefer?

It depends to the situation. I look good in suits and also look good in casual wears. So it now boils down to the occasion or the scenario I find myself in.

5. What will you tell your younger self about fashion?

Fashion puts you out there. Fashion is necessary. It makes you adorable and admirable by others and it is just what it is. You just have to be neat, cool and stylish in front of the word.

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DexStar speaks fashion and style, “I love my suits”

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