Did Government create 398,046 jobs in 2017?

During his exposé of Cameroon’s social and economic program for 2018, Philémon Yang, the country’s Prime Minister, made a retrospective evaluation of the employment sector.

Indeed, he said that the country has promoted decent employment in 2017 by creating 398,046 new jobs.
“This was achieved thanks to the different opportunities provided by the civil service, defense and security forces, the decentralized territorial units, the implementation of the three-year emergency plan to accelerate economic growth, governmental projects and programs and labor tracking in major construction projects such as the sites for AFCON 2019,” – Philémon Yang
He also mentioned the effective launch of Limbé, Douala and Sangmelina’s centers of vocational excellence to promote vocational training which will lead to more jobs, as well as the construction of the national institute for trainers and the extension of programs funded by Koreans in Yaoundé.
Yang also talked about the completion of the Nkongsamba vocational training center (which results from cooperation with Austria) and the provision of 30 Moroccan and 19 Algerian scholarships to young Cameroonians.

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