Did Jeffrey Epule turn down a movie role because he couldn’t play supporting role to Frank Sire?

jeffery epule vs frank sire

Has Jeffrey Epule turned down a movie role because he was asked to play the supporting character to the lead actor Frank Sire? This, we are not so sure about.

According to our inside sources, the popular Cameroonian actor, also known to be one of the country’s biggest movie exports wasn’t pleased with the ‘supporting’ role offered to him by producers of a new movie and decided to back off.

Jeffery Epule

Jeffrey Epule (Dcodedtv)

Jeff [Epule] is a great actor no doubt, in fact one of the best we have. So when he was asked to play the supporting to another actor [Frank Sire], who plays the lead in the film, Jeff chose to turn down the request instead,” our source tells us.

Jeff is known to play lead in most of the movies he’s acted but did he turn down an acting opportunity simply because he wasn’t cast for the lead role or because he couldn’t bring himself to play a supporting character to Sire?

Frank Sire (Asonganyi Pictures)

Meanwhile, Frank Sire is a fine actor, screenplay writer and director who made a name for himself in a Syndy Emade movie titled, “Different Kinds of Men” back in 2011. Since then, he’s gone ahead to direct and act in other films, stayed away from scandals and has become a strong advocate for radical change in the Cameroon film industry.

Our source tells us the movie in question is been produced by a top female producer and directed by one of the country’s best film directors, Enoh Johnscott. The film also hired the services of Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari and Nollywood actor Bishop Imeh.

Story still developing so please stay with us.


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