Douala Hip Hop Festival hits 8 years

douala hiphop festival

Eight years already!!!??

The Douala Hip Hop Festival (DHF) 2018 marks the music festival’s eighth year anniversary! So soon? Well, with an incredible team, great sponsors and the perfect performance line up, this festival has managed to earn a spot as one of the top music festivals in Cameroon.

The Douala HipHop Festival 2018 promises nothing short of the best of urban entertainment and its no doubt that over the years, its fan base has grown from Central African ti the rest of the world.

Douala , u know about this harir


According to the organisers, the DHF is all about contributing to the development of Hip-Hop in Cameroon, merging the history of rap and African urban arts with the support of some local businesses and patrons.

This year, the festival has announced its list of performers including: Mr Leo, Locko, Tenor, Minks’, Askia,  Salatiel, Gasha, Danielle Eog, Adango, Lady B, Koppo, Sadrak, Krotal, Mahloox the Viber, Kareyce Fotso, K TINO and a godfather EKAMBI B.

Foreign artists will include: Positive Black Soul (Senegal), Ibaaku (SENEGAL), Omarson (Chad), Mixton (Congo), Fredy Masamba (Congo / Belgium), Veeby (Canada / Cameroon), BADI (Belgium), Elle Stooley (Haiti / Canada),  Cheik Tidiane (Mali) and many other surprises …

Organisers have also included other activities such as street dance, street art performance, street wear market and a powerful workshop to connect professionals and amateurs and to exchange ideas in the fields of artistic creations.

The 2018 Douala HipHop Festival takes places on December 27 – 30 in Douala.



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