Dynastie Le Tigre threatens to end Mel B Akwen’s music career, calls her “a nobody”

mel b akwen

Looks like all is not well between singers, Mel B. Akwen and Dynastie Le Tigre after Mel B revealed shocking details about her last conversation with the Canal D’Or winner in a radio show in Douala on March 2.

Only a few weeks after Dynastie Le Tigre reportedly stormed off stage in Yaounde after been booed by fans of Maahlox Levibeur, the singer is now being accused of threatening to end Mel B. Akwen‘s music career and throwing detoratory words at her.

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mel b akwen

Mel B. Akwen

During her recent interview with Nabil4Real‘s ‘TIA Radio Show’ on Sweet FM, Douala on March 2, Mel B. Akwen revealed she was insulted, bullied and threatened by Dynastie just because she was seeking for a collaboration with the Francophone singer.

The ‘Frappe’ singer told the radio host she’s been interested in working on a new song with Dynastie for a very long time and reached out to him via Whatsapp to discuss her plans. Mel B said she she greeted the singer with a simple “Bonjour” before tabling her beat or request for a duet. But Dynastie’s responds left her speechless.

According to Mel B, Dynastie asked her why she couldn’t ask him how he slept before sending him beats for a collabo. She added that Dynastie said he was going to destroy her music career because she is a nobody, an upcoming artist who still struggling to find limelight and his little sister in music who can’t even afford 3,000,000 FCFA for a collabo (a fee he claims he asks from other artists).

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dynastie le tigre

Dynastie Le Tigre

Mel. B confessed that Dynastie‘s words were quite shocking and she felt disappointed with the singer who’s been like an inspiration to her and a singer who’s messages in his songs respects and supports women. What an irony!

It’s a shame Mel B hasn’t mentioned this story before but this may not come as a huge surprise to some music lovers. Dynastie is also known for beefing his fellow colleagues in the past. The singer once broke out with Stanley Enow few years ago after accusing the rapper of not supporting his music despite doing a collaboration with him. He also slammed Maahlox‘s fans for loving weed smokers’ music  in Yaounde  last February.

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