Education is not a true key to success

education and success

Of what practical value is an education which doesn’t prepare people for the real world?

The goal of education ought never to simply be about telling students WHAT they OUGHT to THINK and BELIEVE as we, unfortunately, witness with most of our academic institutions today.

The negative effects of that kind of “education” can clearly be seen in the fruits it produces in the society today. You see people who are supposedly educated, some having degrees upon degrees yet  behaving like savages (Please, permit me use that word). They just simply swallow information, reproduce them in exam halls and get degrees! What an education, huh!

If INFORMATION is all that’s needed to be “educated” then why should we have to go to school and even pay huge sums of money for it? We can all just sit comfortably in our homes, watch the TV,read news papers and books and then term ourselves “educated”. What’s the major difference anyway?

The goal of education ought to always be to train people to be truly CRITICAL, INDEPENDENT and PRODUCTIVE yet carry CIVIL minds to be wholesome individuals able to live and function in a society healthily and civilly.

Written by Emmanuel Takor

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