Ewube: Why we love singer’s new video ‘Cherie Coco’

Cameroonian singer, Ewube is back with a new song and video titled, Cherie Coco and we have all the right reasons to love it.

The Omega Records star lastly dropped a project in June 2018, ‘On Melange’ and its taking her seven months to get back into the game with ‘Cherie Coco‘.  The singer sure came back prepared and this new piece of work is a clear definition of an artist who is redefining her path.

Here are five reason we totally love Ewube‘s brand new ‘Cherie Coco’ video.

ewube cameroon

Ewube drops Cherie Coco video

1. Go Afro-Beat Go!

Africa must be proud to hear Ewube’s new sound. Yes, she’s known as Cameroon’s dance-hall queen but this time around, the singer lends her vocals on a rich Afro-beat sound and it clicked! We love her for trying something new this year and allowing herself to exploit various rhythm

2. Pop of Color

Talk about fashion and trends.  Ms Ewube is all about pop culture! She wasn’t afraid to try out multiple colors in this new video. Like never seen before, the singer spotted a bright yellow wig which shone through like the sun and she rocked it in style. She also went for a floral pair of flare shorts and a white top which is in the season. The singer kept her locks flying in the air as she danced her way through out the song.

3. Daring Chick

The fear of being shy is the beginning of beauty. Ewube ditched her timid self for a more daring chick persona. She came through looking like snack, pulling off a super tight green dress and a hot yellow wig was simply perfecto! The singer gives us the look, the back look, the curves, the sexy dance, the smiles and laughter and we just love how effortless she does it all.

ewube cameroon

Ewube makes chic fashion choices in new video

4. Preacher of Love

It’s a few more weeks to Valentine’s Day and Ewube knew that before gifting us with a great love video. ‘Cherie Coco’ is all about the beauty singing about her love for her sweetheart. Calling him her “cherie coco” says it all. “Every time I dream, I dream about you… I’m falling for you…. My friends know I don’t talk but every time I do, I’m talking about you…” Such lyrics will make a man’s heart melt. What better time to preach about love than now? So perfect timing for her!

5. Tzy Panchak Cameo

Bringing Blu Nation soldier, Tzy Panchak into the mix was brilliant. He’s signature smile came through and seeing him in an African print jacket was even sexier. The former label mates had crazy friendly chemistry as they looked into each other’s eyes as characters in the video. Panchak is known for bring light into any room and he did just that in this new video. Oh! Do you know he proposed to his woman too?

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