Stylish Men: 5 Cameroonian Musicians in the best all black outfits

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Black is style! Black is always the new black and has been the ultimate menswear move for as long as fashion exists.

Unlike other colors, black has the power to project both elegance and edginess and can make any guy appear both sophisticated and incredibly fashion-forward at the same time.

Black is the shade that won’t clash, won’t add pounds, and won’t tell tales when you pour a glass of Guinness down yourself. It has long been fashion’s favourite colour and it’s easy to see why.

However, for all its benefits, black can also quickly become boring when always styled the same way. So, to ensure your dark looks are trendy and impressive, we’ve gathered inspiration from Cameroonian music stars like Stanley Enow, PhillBill, Tzy Panchak and more to help  ascertain that the all-black look is the perfect style choice for every stylish man.

The key pieces for the perfect all-black looks would include; black wrist watch, black trainers and smart shoes, socks, black over coat and/ or leather jacket/ bomber jacket, a hat, back pack, dark shades, shirt and/or t-shirts. With these, you could quickly go from casual style looks to daring party ensembles.

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Black Skinnies

When it comes to wearing an all-black outfit, jeans or pants make an excellent starting point. In today’s generation, the skinnies will always look fabulous  but opting for a trendy pair of wide-leg trousers will provide men with a more fashion-forward appearance. But well, Salatiel and Tzy Panchak care less about tose wide leg pants and who blames them?

cameroon fashion

Tzy Panchak



 Black Ankle Boots

The black ankle boots for men are a statement style than can add an A-list touch to any ensemble.  Whether matte leather, patent leather or suede styles, guys only have to find what suits them best. So, seeing any guy rock those new ankle black boots beneath his skinny jeans/pants is definitely a yes from any stylish chick. The look is perfect for your next party or night out around town.

cameroon fashion



Black T-Shirt

Bored of your usual white button-up? Why not turn to the dark side instead? By this we mean trying those amazingly stylish black t-shirts too.  If you’re heading to work, (in this case our guys are entertainers), just pick a simple tee. Or, if you are off to meet up with friends, select a lightweight t-shirt with those cool graphic designs or wordings in the front like and if you’re traveling like Salatiel, a simple black sweat tee will do.

cameroon fashion



Black Leather Jacket

What’s most stylish than a guy rocking a black leather jacket above a simple t-shirt or shirt? Just like Stanley Enow,  men with style know how to rock it just fine. A black leather jacket is a menswear classic that, if chosen well and cared for, can last a lifetime. It’s easy to dress it up because it’s also a versatile piece. However, it arguably looks best when worn with an all-black look such as the King Kong did. Note the smart trousers and roll neck [like the one on Numerica] which elevates the ‘fit – simply swap them for a T-shirt and jeans for a more casual take.

cameroon fashion

Stanley Enow


Dark Shades

Nothing completes a casual  chic all black look on a guy than adding a little pair of dark shades to the mix. Dark glasses only go to add up to the chicness of it all. Men, especially musicians cannot do all things without owning a pair of dark glasses in their closets. Most of them will tell you it helps with shading their tiredness and prevent their eyes from the heavy lights on the red carpet but we also know, it gives them a more fashion-forward appearance.

There are so many black items to make a man’s all-black look even more fashionable and that includes his socks, watch, hair colour, overcoats, rogue boots, bomber jackets and many more but today we were most interested in checking out these five Cameroonian music stars and how black they rocked theirs.

cameroon fashion


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Whichever you go for, there’s no longer a need to feel stuck in a middle or bored with wearing all black.  You could grab some more inspiration from Stanley, Tzy, Philbill, Numerica or Salatiel whenever you want to headour to work, a date, hang out with friends or even travel.

Black is always the new Black!

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