Fashion: Margo’s Mode brand announces new collection ‘Bridge’

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Cameroonian fashion house, Margo’s Mode is ready to release another collection called ‘Bridge’.

Locko‘s ‘The Bridge’? Margo’s Mode brand has announced the coming of her third fashion collection which could be the bridge between her previous two.

‘Bridge’ is the brand’s third collection since releasing ‘Heritage’ in 2017 and ‘Pin Me‘ in 2018.

Liz Ngwane, founder of Margo’s Mode, explains that this collection is as special as the former ones but what makes it stand out even better is that it’s a portrayal of her growth and how she intends to merge ideas to showcase self confidence and fashion for today’s consumers.

“Transcribing to our human existence and what it means to experience life through the flows of uncertainty,” Liz wrote on Facebook, Feb 19.

“Bridge is an exhibition highlighting the link between arts and garments,” she adds.

Margo’s Mode was founded in 2016 on the foundation of reinforcing difference, uniqueness and being extraordinary. Over the years, its designs have stood out to recognize the glory of African print, while merging its concepts with Western designs.

In December 2017, Margo’s Mode unleashed her famous Heritage Collection which was  a clear portrayal of growth and depth. This collection featured the use of vintage fabrics and designs to help remind us all  about the power of originality and reinforce a powerful sense of home.

Her third collection, ‘Bridge’ will be launched in style on March 5 in Douala.


cameroon fashion

Margo’s Mode announces new collection Bridge

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