Fhish: 5 Reasons to totally fall in love with singer’s ‘Anti Kirikou’ music video


Hello people! There’s a new star in town and he deserves all the attention and credit there are. Fast rising singer, Fhish is stepping into the [big] league and he’s doing it with a banger!

Fhish is a Cameroonian born musician who is on the rise and wants nothing more than to succeed in the music industry. With his debut song, ‘Anti Kirikou‘ becoming a hit, Fhish certainly needed great visuals to back up his big song and he got it!

Today, we are sharing the five reasons why we have completely fallen in love with Fhish‘s brand new video for ‘Anti Kirikou’ and why you should do too.



Fhish, ‘Anti Kirikou’ video art cover


1. Very Youthful

‘Anti Kirikou’ video is for the young mind. It’s a song and video for the everyone who can dance and wants to have a good old Cameroon time. From the fashion to the attitude in the video, Fhish targeted and captioned the young people, who can dance, sing and recommend the song to friends, family and social media followers, hence ask them to go watch the visuals as well. It was well thought-out.

2. A Feel-Good Song

It feels good you know. It feels nice. Fhish is making us all sing along to a really good song in 2019. A song which makes you feel better, happier and more alive. ‘Anti Kirikou’ is a feel-good song and so is it’s fun-filled video. Anyone can feel better by just watching the fanciness of the video. It’s full of life, color, energy, gladness and creativity. Who wouldn’t love all of that!?

3. Fashion (Casual Street)

Nothing is more engaging in a music video than admiring the perfect fashion choices made. Fashion stylist, @Pafe_style nailed all his looks in this video. He brought streetzzzzz to television! The theme was Casual Street and it was  well delivered. In an industry where we have witnessed bigger artists mess up their videos due to poor costuming, this singer went with a fresh, contemporary and urban perspective for his project (what a relief). Well selected pencil jeans, distressed jeans, crop tops, colored and braided hairstyles, fancy sun shades, baggy pinafores, boots and sneakers  and many more were all we saw and admired so deeply.

4. Dance

It’s been a while we watched a music video in Cameroon with so must energy and dance moves. Fhish’s ‘Anti Kirikou’ video is full of dance and leaves you trying to imitate his moves. The choreography is beautiful and worth trying at home. What fans see on stage, is what they got in the video. Fhish gave his all in this video and we are super proud of his steps.

5. Rise of a Music Star

With  the release of ‘Anti Kirikou’ video, fans are witnessing the birth of a star! Fhish is that one artist you can’t and won’t get tired of so easily. He has what it takes to success in music including a playful, exciting and humble approach to business and relationships. His constant interaction with his fans and the media, his ready to do a job attitude and promptness to events and interviews makes him stand out. His start has been cool so far and we hope he continues this way in order to earn a spot into the bigger league. All these and more are why we love his music video even more.


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