Female filmmaker Florence Nkeng to premiere debut movie ‘Drowning’ in London

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Cameroonian-born filmmaker, Nkeng Florence is taking her latest film, ‘Drowning’ to London for a grand premiere in April’. Watch trailer below.

The founding CEO of Chaddy Films confirms that ‘Drowning’ is the first feature film she is both producing and directing in her career and she’s very proud of all the work she’s put behind the big project.

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Nkeng Florence

‘Drowning’ is certainly not the first film Nkeng Florence is directing. She’s directed the movie, ‘Woman’ in 2016 but did not produce it. However, this new film is very dear to her heart.

“I decided to talk on cancer [with this film] because this film is based on a true story… it’s about what happened to one of my friends,” the film director explains to us.

“The film is also to create more awareness on cancer within our society because cancer is and will always need more people to keep talking about it and I decided to do mine through film,” she adds.


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‘Drowning’ movie cast

The producer used actors from both Nigeria and Cameroon on this new film including Tamara Eteimo, Chris Okagbue, Ifeanyi Kalu, Zinnia Bemo, Maureen Okpoko, Marcel Nwajide and many others. But says it wasn’t planned because she just went for talented actors who could best interpret the characters.

“We have Cameroonian actors in Nigeria who are really good and they are very good friends. So it was only perfect for me to use their true talent for this project,” explains Florence.

“My cast and team worked hard to make this dream of mine a reality and I’m super grateful to them all. The message I want viewers to take out of this film is to be determined to stay strong at all times even when you’ve been  told this particular situation is going to kill you,” she adds.

Florence‘s film is set to premiere in London in April courtesy of Goretti Etchu Egbe. The film is also expected to be aired on Africa Magic movie channel and other platforms later this year.

As for the film having a Cameroonian premier, Chaddy Films says that’s not certain but “who knows?”


Watch Drowning trailer below:

cameroon film

Nkeng Florence premiering debut film in London

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