Five Reasons We Love Laura Onyama


Laura Onyama, otherwise known as Mbango, is undoubtedly one of Cameroon’s rarest gems who has won an Ecrans Noirs for Best Actress in 2016 for her exceptional performance in the movie, Kiss Of Death.

Today, Laura maintains that her composure off screen is similar to her composure on screen. With a career that spans nearly 7 years, with numerous films below her belt, Laura has made a place for herself in the Cameroon film industry and her name has now become synonymous with perfection.

As this beauty celebrates her [birthday] today, let’s take a look at why we absolutely love this powerhouse called Laura Onyama.

Fashion and Style:

It’s no surprise that Laura Onyama is slowly but surely having a 360 style transformation. The actress has recently shown impressive growth when it comes to her fashion choices on and off the red carpet. Her radiant face, colourful outfits and perfect choice of makeup and hairstyles are redefining her status as a fashionista in the movie business.

Iconic Movie Roles:

In an era, where Cameroonian actresses refuse to play out-of-the-box roles; with even slight negative shades or loosing their beauty,  Laura went on to compromise her elegance and shave her hair to play ‘Mbango‘ in a Nkanya Nkwai directed movie, ‘Saving Mbango’. Not only did she play that role but she did it with elan.

Laura has no problem taking up challenging and unconventional roles. Since her debut in 2012, this dark skin actress has played multiple characters on screen such as a poor cancer victim, victim of child marriages, an arrogant boss lady, an educated fisherman’s wife etc and she has made it a priority to give it her A-game every time  … Making fans to love and relate to her even more deeply.


Laura Onyama looks like an angel and acts like an angel in real life. She is the epitome of poise and elegance as far as her character is concerned. She is always calm, warm, cheerful and friendly with her fans, family and friends. Her ready-to-mingle attitude only draws people towards her and we love that about her.

Scandal Free

Laura’s job comes first and she does everything to keep her job free of scandals and unnecessary attention. In an industry where scandals sell better than true talent, Laura has never found herself wanting. She keeps her office clear of negativity. The actress is among those few people from the industry who are rationale and non-diplomatic. In this era where friends turn foe overnight, she’s never hesitated putting forth her honest opinions and keep her circle small and professional. To her, the public is better off knowing more about her works than her personal mistakes.

Demonstrating Courage:

Laura has never been afraid to express herself, emotionally or artistically. Her decision to quit her good job with telecommunications giant, Orange Cameroon to pursue a career in acting in Cameroon shows how far she’s ready to go to make her dreams come true. Other aspiring actors could benefit from her experience and be inspired from her bravery.
She has also put her name on film projects – workshops and training seminars – where she’s seen raising and encouraging young talents to go for their passion careless the current state of the nation (blurry vision for the entertainment industry). We believe her reach may influence hundreds of women to proactively look after themselves and believe in filmmaking and acting.

Laura Onyama


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Laura Onyama

laura onyama

Laura Onyama in Mareta West red gown

Laura Onyama

Laura Onyama

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  1. Prince Richard

    October 14, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    What a refreshing article on a role model like Onyama Laura
    Thanks for this piece Ms Joan Ngomba
    God Bless!!

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