Frank Sire confirms welcoming twins

​Frank Sire has confirmed the arrival of his twins with long time girl and talk show host, Pridine Fruh. 

The couple were rumored to have welcomed twins few months ago but the actor kept his lips sealed, neither confirming now denying the rumors.

Frank Sire Pridine Bih Fruh

Frank Sire and Pridine Bih Fruh

The actor took to his Facebook, August 12, to encourage dads around the world to be the best fathers to their kids.

“Being a father can also mean that one mistake you made, but being a dad, means; guigos milk, phosphatine, diapers, waking up in the middle of the night to watch they sleeping position, ditching your friends cus you don’t wanna spend that extra cash…the list is long. Are you a real dad, how many kids do you have? I am a father of three. I call them Earth(Mya), Wind(Francis Jr.) and Fire(Francine)…Enjoy your weekend!!!” Frank wrote. 

Congratulations Frank and Pridine.

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