Frank Sire gushes over Nadia Buari on Instagram


Frank Sire can’t get over his crush on Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari.

The sexy Cameroonian actor has revealed he doesn’t just admire the brilliant actress but he’s had a crush on her for a very long time.

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Frank Sire and Nadia Buari on set of Apple For Two movie

Sire admitted his admiration for Buari in a recent post on his Instagram, June 11. The movie hunk posted a picture of Nadia attempting to braid his hair while he laid his head on her thighs.

“Onset with Nadia Buari. Been a fan of hers for more than a decade and here we are doing the same thing I admire her for. (dreams)…” Sire captioned.

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Frank sire and Nadia Buari

Frank Sire and Nadia Buari in ‘Arrows For Two’ movie

He also explained how he felt when he was called to act alongside the actress in his forthcoming movie, “Apple For Two”.

“She [Nadia Buari] could tell I wasn’t doing ok, so she started braiding my hair just to calm my damn nerves, oh sure that didn’t work. She had to tell me ‘I’m just a girl’ on several occasions, just to enable me level up with her. Today she’s a mentor and a friend. Amazing heart, kind soul,” Frank added.

Both stars play lead in the Brenda Elung film, “Apple For Two” which also featured Nollywood star Bishop Imeh.


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