Frank Sire has 6 shocking things you never knew about

Frank Sire

Frank Sire is a Cameroonian actor, producer, screenplay writer and director who says film making is top priority. But besides his gorgeous looks, Frank has so many other things you knew nothing about. Here are five of them:

  1. Frank Sire has been in the film industry for just 4 years. He began his acting career in the movie – “Different Kinds of Men” – after been scouted by three female movie producers Syndy Emade, Kelly Azia and Bayong Charlotte at a restaurant in Buea back in 2012.
  2. His real name is Francis Ayuketang Ndip but friends began calling him Frank since college. As for “Sire”, the actor says “It’s all me. I always saw myself as a ruler.”
  3. Besides being an outstanding actor, Frank owns a top class fashion boutique at Malingo Street in Buea. “I love fashion. I love women who look good and if I see my female friends wearing something good, I want to get it in my shop as well.”
  4. Unfortunately, Frank says his favorite meal is huckleberry vegetables and boiled plantains and not necessarily his traditional meal – water fufu and eru. “It’s just because I don’t have to worry about calories.”
  5. Although he looks very handsome, collective and has a very calm attitude in public, Frank totally gets turned off by lies especially simply lies like “people gonna tell you ‘I’m on my way’ when they’re still in bed.”
  6. Despite been linked to some famous female faces in the industry, Frank has actually vowed never to date any girl in the entertainment industry. His reasons being that “Its gets too complicated.”
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