Frank Sire set on becoming Cameroon’s leading movie man

Frank Sire in new photos

There is no doubt that Frank Sire is fast rising into a kick ass actor in Cameroon but does he have what it takes to dominate the Cameroon film industry?

The very handsome star wasn’t born to act but has, over the years challenged himself to go the extra mile, do the extraordinary and prove critics wrong when it comes to his craft.

From being chased on the streets of Buea for a movie role by a bunch of actresses – thanks to his looks – to calling himself one of the best screenplay writers there is, Frank Sire is aiming for the top spot! He cares less who is currently occupying that ‘top’ seat but understands that his determination, focus and ability can someday make him king!

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Frank Sire as psycho in Textmate

With close to 10 films below his belt and others he’s contributed to their success, Sire wants the best for Cameroon. His stories captures the minds of his people, age group and beyond and enlightens on the matters of the heart, friendship and family. To him, charity begins at home. If you can’t control or build your home, you can’t do that in a public office either.

However, before Sire made his debut in Syndy Emade‘s movie, ‘Different Kinds of Men’ back in 2005, there were those before him whom he relied on their talents to be who he is today. There are Cameroonian actors who paved the way and are still doing so but Frank has no plans to sit back and allow himself to trail behind other’s success stories.



“I write. I am a good story writer. My stories have depth and relate to our day to day lives. Our struggles to survive anywhere and with anyone have made us empowered to strive for the better. It has also made us value people more and given us hope to achieve greatness. These are the type of stories I tell… which tells an average Cameroonian he or she can achieve anything and with anyone if hard work is put in,” Sire tells DCODED TV.

“There’are no stereotyped strategies for success or to find love or to have a happy self or family. God has a part to play and we as human beings also have to believe we can do it. Stories of hope and positivism as well as reality tells a lot about an individual or a community. That’s where i go,” he adds.

Frank Sire has more to offer than just a pretty face. Gone past the days when he was just that other lover boy actor, today he goes for the unfamiliar characters like a psychopathic rapist or a wretched citizen conniving with his desires so as to make a rich and sophisticated women fall in love with him.

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Frank sire and Nadia Buari

Frank Sire and Nadia Buari in ‘Apple For Two’ movie

He has also moved past acting with his fellow Cameroonian actors to mingling with Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari and Nollywood award winning comic actor Imeh Bishop Umoh.

“I feel alive,” Sire explains. “Cameroon is a small country with great potentials and from time to time, its normal to seek for help outside. Nollywood is huge and if actors from that world come to aid us, its totally fine by me. I am acting with one of the funniest men in Africa [Bishop Imeh] and i struggle to keep a straight face. The guy is good and working with him is a dream come true,” he tells.

Frank is not only an actor, he is a screenplay writer and director. His movies, ‘Chasing Tails’ and recently, ‘Before You Say Yes I Do’ are a testament to his determination to outsmart his predecessors and not for his glory but for the promotion of Cameroon film. As a matter of fact, he praises producers and directors in Cameroon for their continuity in trying to progress despite the stringent conditions of the economy.

Frank Sire

Frank Sire abstains from showbiz women

“It’s not biscuit to produce a movie in this country. And my friends like Mrs. Brenda Elung, Ivan Nname, Agbor Obed and many others do their best to make something out of nothing. That, i respect,” Sire says of movie producers and directors.

Sire believes Cameroon is on the rise and has so many talents to help make her film industry achieve global recognition. He also believes that the film industry badly needs new faces and radical producers and writers to change the game. Actors who are willing to take risks and directors who are prepared to give their all selflessly.

“We can’t achieve this in a day or two, but we will achieve it someday and who says, not soon?”

Frank Sire has what it takes to rise and we are all watching how and when he decides to rise to the top.

Watch ‘Chasing Tails’ movie trailer below:

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