“Supporting Jovi is like supporting a stone” – furious fan blasts New Bell Music boss


Is Jovi still the king of Hip Hop in Cameroon? Well, an angry thinks otherwise because he just called the rapper an untamed beast that don’t want to follow orders, on Twitter!

A furious fan is coming for Jovi after he reportedly parted ways with his manager and friend, Rostou saying, the rapper is suffering from “mediocrity, insecurity and lack of Growth” adding that Jovi is stunting his own growth by being disconnected from reality.

@jeffreymiami says he’s been a die hard fan of the rapper even when critics repeatedly slammed him for archaic  business style as well as quality of his videos but no more! Jeffrey doesn’t just slam Jovi alone but also went in on the New Bell Music record label as a whole.

See his tweets below and tell us if you agree or disagree.


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