Gasha returns with “Back To Life” video

Gasha has gone a long time but who cares? The singer is back with a brand new video titled Back To Life and it’s like she never left!

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It’s no secret that some of her fans had given up on her since her disappearance from the music scene years ago but she’s making a magnificent return with a song which is slowly but surely making its way back into our hearts.

‘Back to Life’ is typical Gasha, a soulful track which celebrates her vocals and personality and oozes out joy and  the gift of being alive to everyone watching or listening.

The Sangtum produced track is the first song off Gasha’s “Polished Shaft” album, Back To Life. She promises her fans, they should “be on the look out for more”.

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“Back To Life’ video features a happy Gasha surrounded by nature; water, vegetation, happiness and…. well, braless women.

Check out the video and tell us what you think in our comment section below.


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