Gasha claims ownership to Daphne’s record label, Stevens Music


Cameroonian singer, Gasha is making a serious comeback to music and she is doing it like a pro, with consistent music releases and media interviews. But, did the singer just reveal she owned the same record label – Stevens Music – which she left 5 years ago?

In her recent interview with media personality, Bonas Fotio, the ‘Kaki Bere’ crooner spilled the tea on her new music, her disappearance from the music scene and the real reason she left her former record label, Stevens Music (which is where Daphne currently resides).

It’s no secret that Gasha and Stevens Music Entertainment ended their marriage in 2014 but the singer now claims she owned the label which she was forced to depart from.



Sharing her musical vision on  Le Bon As Radio Douala, the singer reveals that her recent collection of songs is a clear message that she is making a solid come back and says her vulnerability is seen and felt through her new music. For a song like, ‘Back to Life,’ she explained that she is back to life and back to the reality of things while thanking the God of Music for her second (or third) chance.

When it came to discussing why she ended her relationship with former label, Stevens Music, she acknowledged it was a subject she doesn’t want to talk about. However, she had this to say:

‘I try to avoid the subject of Stevens Music because it’s an aspect of my career and life that is usually misinterpreted. When I wanted to start my career, I wanted to be original and independent. Many people approached me with deals, opportunities of signing with labels etc., but I turned them down.

So I decided to create my own label, Stevens Music. People may forget that part because it was never my style to say it out publicly but it was my label and I was the CEO because I started it. I wanted to create a label, sign myself to it and have full control over my work and career given that I had seen how other legendary musicians suffered or faced difficulties being signed to labels.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned and I was no longer in control of my creative process, something which I hold dearly and I was forced to walk away, leaving my shares and everything…”

It is rather unfortunate because so many fans still can’t seem to wrap their brains around Gasha’s new revelation. Some ask why she hasn’t been able to create another record label after ditching Stevens 5 years ago. Fans quoted Don Jazzy as an example. The famous Nigerian music producer founded Marvin Record Label after his nasty and very public split from partner and singer D’Banj under Mo’Hit Records.

Gasha apologizes to Stevens Music Entertainment

Gasha apologizes to Stevens Music Entertainment

Gasha also left so many questions unanswered like: When did she create Stevens and under whose name is the company registered in Cameroon and the US? How did her partnership with the current owners come about and how come she didn’t kick out the other partners if she was the owner of the company?

Again, did she sign an exit term? Did she also sign a non disclosure to not publicly discuss the terms of their separation? Why hasn’t she been able to replicate the label she claims to had created after 5 years and lastly, what does she attribute Stevens Music’s current success to since leaving the company?

On November 9, 2016, Gasha took to Facebook to apologize to her ‘dear’ stevens Music Entertainment label writing:

“A number of years ago, we entered into an agreement. a sort of musical marriage. As time went on, we experienced some misunderstandings and conflicts. As a young amateur in the business, I made some wrong decisions. I hurt ur marriage and I am sorry. I want to extend this peace treaty, from the moment your eyes lay on my words to forgive me.  I am growing, learning and undoing my wrongs.

Thank you, Gasha.”

Now, the question is: Why did Gasha apologize later for being the cause of the divorce? In her apology, she clearly laid the blame on being immature and naive. Why then ask for forgiveness if the present partners/owners never did her wrong or misguided her artistically like she’s claiming now?


We hope to get the Stevens Music side to the story. So please stay with us.


Listen to full interview below:

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