Gasha tells Stevens Music Entertainment “I am sorry”

Gasha apologizes to Stevens Music Entertainment

Gasha has apologized to her former record label, Stevens Music Entertainment after a long and bitter separation.

The Afro soul singer took to her Facebook page on November 10 to tell her former music family she’s sorry for her wrongs. She wrote:

“Dear Stevens Music Entertainment,

A number of years ago, we entered into an agreement. A sort of musical marriage. As time went on, we experienced some misunderstanding and conflicts. As a young amateur in the business, I made some wrong decisions. I hurt our marriage and I am sorry. I want to extend this peace treaty, from the moment your eyes lay on my words to forgive me. I am growing, learning and undoing my wrongs.”

After the departure of Gasha from Stevens Music Entertainment, the label went ahead to sign singer Daphne and recently M-Pro.

We hope the singer, who just returned to Cameroon after a long stay in USA will finally make peace with her label and move forward.

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