Get The Best Sex Ever: 4 amazing locations to explore

Best Sex Locations

Sex is great and could be greater if the location is right! Ever heard that where you have sex has everything to do with how memorable that sex is? Well, there’s some truth to this and I am here to prove it! Here are 4 indescribable locations perfect for a mind-blowing sex.

sex locations beach

Beach: Perfect location for great sex (Luxury Travel Magazine)

The Beach

The beach is simply perfect. Water has a way of making us feel secured and peaceful. So why not explore such a venue? The free air, space, coolness and quietness at the beach towards the evening or at sunset can just set anybody’s mind into a sex mode. Imagine a soiree at the beach with your partner, in beach wear, love is in the air and sex is in the mind. Oh, how memorable that can be.

sex locations balcony

A lovely Balcony does wonders to any couple (Hum Ideas)

The Balcony

Oh la la! Who can refuse a little risqué sex? Most couples can’t wait to use the bed, the chair, the table or toilet and floor of that hotel room for sex but ever thought of using the balcony on the third, seventh or tenth floor? Take her there at night and half naked. Allow her face the city while you take her from the back as she tries not to moan so load yet feel every thrust you provide. I know I won’t forget such an adventure.

sex locations office desk

Office desk takes sex to a whole new level (bosses cabin)

The Office Desk

Quickies are best served at awkward places and the office desk is one of them! You can’t waste a second! You can’t afford to be caught! You know anyone can walk in! You have to be on you’re A-game! You have to value every thrust, wetness and reaction! Oh, my!  You have to value every thrust, wetness and reaction! Oh, my! You know you have a board meeting in 5 minutes. Now, how would you want this to play! Push out all those files and give your partner the best four and half minute of their lives.

sex locations airport

Who wouldn’t want a quickie at the Mumbai International Airport? (Media4growth)

The Airport

There’s nothing as boring as been delayed at the airport for hours but with a gorgeous human sitting right next to you in the boarding room, life at the airport could just get exciting. Sex can happen at the first meeting and yes, couples can also go crazy while waiting for their flights. This may sound crazy but who ever said sex at the craziest places is … crazily bad!? The clean airport toilets, those hidden “for staff only” corridors or rooms and to go even farther, the plane toilet!

Go a little crazy buddies!


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