Gospel singer, Prosper Menko gets married to longtime girlfriend, Claire

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Congratulations are in order for famous gospel singer, Prosper Menko and wife, Asu Claire Yole.

The couple said “Yes, I Do” in a beautiful ceremony at the Christ Embassy Church in Buea, Cameroon on Saturday, December 28, 2019 and we have all the exclusive pictures.

The pair’s wedding, attended by family and friends, comes after Prosper and Claire, got engaged last two years, even though they dated for three. Their love story is simply a unique and beautiful one.

“When we met I didn’t even have a glimpse of the fact that we were going to end up together. We were just servicing God in diverse ways… I just knew her as someone who dances… She was in the campus church of Christ Embassy while I was in the main church,” explains the Groom (a decorated Gospel minister and also an award winning graphic designer)
“I knew him as someone in the main church who sings very well and as a good minister … I loved his songs and that was it,” says the Bride (a physiotherapist, dancer and singer).
Prosper is best known for tearing down his audiences with his magnificent voice and stage performances and whenever he mounts a podium, it’s all about praising God Almighty and winning souls for Him. However, there are fans who confirm to feeling better about themselves after hearing him sing. As for Menko, he tells us his wife keeps him concentrated, focused and peaceful and these are the reasons he finally decided to pop the question!
“To be candid it was never about what I love of her, it was more than that… I can’t pinpoint what I love about her because I just love everything about her. But what made me decide to spend the rest of my life with her is the fact that I found peace with her… The One said in the bible that suppasseth all understanding… Yes! I can properly concentrate on ministry when I am with her … I am not distracted. She’s the best thing ever!” the singer confesses.
In a generation where many young people are afraid to believe in the reality and power of love, marriage and togetherness, this young couple trust they can stand the test of time and battle the tides which usually hits unions like theirs. The couple tells us they love one another, they believe in God and are prepared to stand by these two factors till their last breaths.
“On our wedding day we were been showered with blessings and prayers all over from great men and women of God! And our desires and prayers were to be the best wife and husband to each other till eternity!” says the couple.
Congratulations and God bless you, Mr and Mrs Menda Prosper Nying
Here are the exclusive wedding pictures in our gallery below (By 44 Pictures):
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