GreenHouse Ventures: The Agricultural Innovator of Cameroon!

greenhouse ventures

For over 500 years, Agriculture in Cameroon and Africa has yet to see and feel a change. While countries like Holland, Israel and Finland are making remarkable advancements in their pursuits towards sustainability in agriculture.

So, while Cameroonian farmers still trek long distances for farming and incure losses from undesirable farm to market roads, somewhere in Isreal, most farmers are reaping the benefits of greenhouse farms and sustainable agriculture.
Greenhouse farms were never popular in Cameroon until they were introduced by Greenhouse Ventures in 2014. The company remains, till date, the sole developer and marketer of the affordable greenhouse technology. They are also into the cultivation of several vegetables, seeds and even organic manure using the biogas.
Since the company’s inception, they continue to expand their footprints into several regions of Cameroon and very recently, they are about to launch the “100 Greenhouse Farms Campaign”.
“The goal of the campaign is to introduce these greenhouse farms into several Cameroonian communities thereby engaging multiple growers for target markets,” Roland Fomundam, the company’s CEO explains to us. 
Most importantly, the company is using a network marketing model to introduce its greenhouses into several communities by enabling participants to earn commissions from making referrals for any acquisition.
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