HIBMAT: The New Hub For Today’s Business Management and Technology Students

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When it comes to adding value to our education system, HIBMAT (HIGHER INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND TECHNOLOGY) is the place to be.

It is a University Institute for Professionals. This is an Institution aimed at forming Professionals and orienting individuals on how to create employment.
HIBMAT is second to no institution in Cameroon when it comes to Business Management and Technology. This Higher Institute takes pride in creating a perfect environment for students to discover themselves as individuals and people who can suit into any society and working environment whether in the private or public sector.
Their mission is to demystify technology, train managers and technologists locally and produce skills and expertise in technology to attract foreign investment and create jobs and wealth.

HIBMAT Cameroon


In an era where technology and digitalization have taken over the world, HIBMAT finds it vital that students get the best of education by hiring the services of professional lecturers who would teach students using their technological know-how to be self-sufficient and render great service to their communities.
The fast growth of today’s world has led HIBMAT to endorse on vocational, Professional training. They provide instructional programs or courses that focus on the skills required for particular job function or trade. They prepare students to work as technicians or take up employment in a skilled craft or trade.
Education is key and every Cameroonian child has the right to good education. HIBMAT is of course an educational establishment built on the foundation of freedom, consistency, professionalism, creativity and excellence.
HIBMAT is located in Buea, with an annex Campus in Douala and mentored by the University of Bamenda (UBa).
“The Higher Institute has a considerable experience in running academic, vocational and professional courses to the highest standards. In order to achieve these high standards, class sizes are deliberately kept at a minimum, so that students benefit from the close attention given to them by our highly qualified staff. The high staff to student ratio means that courses are oriented towards passing national international examinations. Economically, this has the advantage that one takes less time to progress to a higher level in one’s career path.
Our academic and administrative structure is specifically designed to assist students in the attainment of your objectives,” 
President of Board of Directors, HIBMAT.
Admission Office Checkpoint: Opposite the Molyko Omnisport Stadium, Buea
Tel: 234030311, 677 88 68 20, 675 402 368
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