How to be fashion forward in no time

There are little changes you could make in the way you dress that would make all the difference. As little as a wrong color, a shape or the length of an outfit could ruin your whole look. To become more fashion-forward, here are some few style tips to help.

  1. Heels:

Rihanna in heels

No matter how basic your outfit is, the right heel will boost your appeal. Heels unlike flats,  gives you a more serious edge which you need to look more fashion-forward. Instead of flats, pair your jeans with heels when you can and see all the difference a 6-inch (or 4 or 3) heel makes. Try textured heels and earth colors such as brown and suede.

     2. Blazers

ankara blazer

Ankara Blazer

No matter how you choose to style a blazer, it elevates an outfit. You might want to dress it up or down, either way, opt for colors beyond the norm like burgundy, or you could also go contemporary by using Ankara. This will make the outfit pop and you, stand out.

      3. Exotic Colors

lupita nyongo

Lupita Nyong’O

It’s the season for colors. So its only natural to include bold prints in your everyday style no matter how good your outfit is. A color like brown does not necessarily exude luxury. Choose tones instead like emerald, sapphire, nude, these colors are as exotic as they come.

      4. Focus on one thing

Solange Knowles

Some people have this habit of throwing in everything at the same time, mismatched prints, layered jewelries and oversize bags which clearly do not complement each other. Try to focus on one piece with every look, for example dress a round a print or certain color then add pieces which flatter it be it a bag or jewelry but never everything at once.

       5. Play with textures

Amazing Jacket

In order to have a polished look it’s great to mix textures for example silk and satin with a denim or leather jacket makes you look polished and the contrast in textures plays to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to play and mix textures

Let me know your favorite color combinations down below

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