Men’s Corner: How To Handle Your Dreadlocks

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Most men who carry dreadlocks are exceptionally sexy especially when they keep their hair neat and smelling like lavender.

Dreadlocks is one of the oldest hairstyles in the world especially within the black community. Men and women, both old and young, sometimes consider it a culture and/or a lifestyle and turn to pass it down to the younger generation as something of great value.

The hairstyle was previously considered to be a trend for rascals, the homeless or people outside the corporate world. Most corporate organizations would refuse to hire people carrying dreads. Most African parents won’t even permit their kids carry it either. It was usually difficult for people with dreads to be taken seriously in the society. But not anymore, things have changed.


The corporate world now embraces men in dreads (Pinterest)

In 2019 men/women find dreads even more appropriate than they did decades ago. Dreads is now en vogue and we have hair salon owner, Felix at Dreadlocks Salon in Buea dishing out some tips on how to handle your dreadlocks.

  • Wash it regularly with warm water to keep it clean.
  • Always renew the undergrowth once every month
  • Make sure to clean the scalp with ICH Products, mango or and lime flavor
  • Wax the locks with Moulldin Gell wax products and then oil it.

The hairdresser went further to tell us that one of the biggest mistakes most people do on their dreads is to fail to oil and renew the undergrowth monthly. “It gets tangled and failing to apply the wax on the dreads will leave it unhealthy and unkempt,” Felix explains.


When it comes to my dreads, I go extra. I always wash my dreads twice a week. I have some hair oil and spray I apply on my hair. In a month I can braid my hair thrice. I always love to see my hair look clean and neat.” Music producer, Dianee PhillBill spill the secret of keeping his hair special.

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