“I did not turn down a movie role because of Frank Sire” – Jeffrey Epule fires back

Jeffery Epule

Jeffrey Epule says he did not turn down a movie role because he couldn’t play a supporting act to actor Frank Sire. In fact, the actor says he wouldn’t do that under any circumstance.

The famous Cameroonian screen king is debunking our previous report which alleged that he refused to act in an ongoing production just because he was given a supporting role and not the lead… which later went to Frank Sire.

jeffery epule vs frank sire

Jeffrey Epule vs Frank Sire

Our source claims Epule wanted the lead and when he wasn’t offered the part, he decided to decline the request to be part of the movie which also brought in the likes of Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari and Nollywood actor Bishop Imeh.

“I was not comfortable with the role I was offered and felt it wasn’t a step up. So I chose to back down. My decision had nothing to do with acting alongside Frank [Sire] or anyone. Its just a rumor,” Jeffrey tells us.

“I later found out that the role I was offered wasn’t even what I was told. That’s the reason why I turn down the role. Not because of any other actor. I know Frank and I know he’s good at what he does. I believe people are misinterpreting my actions,” the actor went ahead to explain.

Epule Jeffrey is one of Cameroon’s biggest movie exports who has more than 30 films below his belt.

The actor says he’s on a break at the moment.


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