“I have a lot of respect for Epule Jeffrey” – Frank Sire opens up

jeffery epule vs frank sire

Frank Sire is finally opening up about his feelings towards actor, Jeffrey Epule after reports that the actor allegedly turn down a movie role because he was asked to play a supporting act to the lead actor, Sire.

The popular actor and screenplay writer says he has nothing but love and a lot of respect for Epule although he neither confirms nor refutes the allegations.

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Frank Sire

Frank Sire 

“First of all, I have a lot of respect for Epule Jeffrey. He’s a talented actor and has been there way before now,” Sire tells us exclusively.

However, the actor reveals he’s in no position to suggest or not what another actor decides to do with his career or what movie role he or she decides to take on or turn down.

“The truth is every actor at some point in their career will say no to a script for so many different reasons. It’s really none of my business to be worrying about other actors’ decisions that has nothing to do with me directly. Good luck to us all. It’s by His grace,” Sire explains.

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Frank Sire, Jefferey Epule

Frank Sire, Jeffrey Epule and Nkanya Nkwai

Epule Jeffrey has since denied the report telling us he did not turn down the movie role just because he was asked to play a supporting role. Neither did he reject the script because he was to play a supporting act to Frank Sire.

“Frank [Sire] is a talented actorI was not comfortable with the role I was offered and felt it wasn’t a step up. So I chose to back down. My decision had nothing to do with acting alongside Frank [Sire] or anyone. Its just a rumor,” Jeffrey tells us.

Both stars have been spotted together at several occasions… one being at a surprise birthday party thrown for Sire last November in Buea.


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