Jeffrey Epule calls for unity between musicians and actors, “There’s no film without music”

Epule Jeffrey

Jeffrey Epule says the rumours about actors not supporting music events in Cameroon is totally untrue.

The award winning actor believes both musicians and actors need each other to build a powerful and beautiful entertainment industry.

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Epule Jeffrey

Epule Jeffrey

In an interview with us at the Urban Jamz Awards 2018, Epule assured us that being supportive and working together for a common goal can change so much in any entertainment business.

“Actors not supporting music events… that cannot even hold,” says Epule. “There’s no music without film and there’s no film without music. We are like one hand washing the other… I don’t really care if actors don’t support or they support, musicians not coming for whatever. For me it’s just all about the music staying positive. It is hard for everybody but we just have to be there for each other,” he adds.

The ‘Breach of Trust’ star further reveals to us that he is a strong music lover who even once upon a time did music and worked with some very famous musicians back in the day. “Personally, I’m a music lover and at one time, I actually did a song with Dr. Sley,” he says.

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Jovi drops Devil Ni Di Sleep song

When asked what urban music was his best release in 2017, the actor didn’t hesitate to reply, “That should be Jovi. Im a massive Jovi fan.” However he went on to say,

“I love all urban music. I love all what Cameroon is doing. I have respect for the lady who did Calee. She killed it last year and continues to kill it this year. I have so much respect for my man Salatiel, Mr. Leo and so many others. I don’t seem to have a favourite. All these guys are crucial.” 

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