These 5 Bad Habits Could Leave Your Sex Life Even Worse

Sex can be good, better or best but the last thing it needs is bad habits.

I have noticed that some people really just don’t care how the other person feels when they show up in the bedroom. Why won’t you bother shaving off your overgrown pubic hair or think of using a cologne?

As much as you want to have a great time with her/him, you shouldn’t make that same person uncomfortable during sex.

Here are five bad habits which could easily leave your sex life even worse than it was.

1. [Bad] Odor

Nobody, I mean nobody, wants to get an awful smell from you during intimacy. That’s a complete turn off! Whether its body, mouth or pussy odor, no partner would entertain such craze and lack of proper hygiene. Worst case scenario, go see a doctor for check-up and eventual treatment. I really don’t want to imagine a guy struggling to remain down there in that stench! And for the guys, clean your balls! Ditch that three-day underwear for fresh ones when going to spend the night at her place. It will help us all.

2. Messy Lingerie

Most ladies underestimate the power of a sexy lingerie. Yes! You want him to notice what’s on you and not just be interested in taking it off! But be rest assured ladies, if he sees you in those over-sized grandma nighties, he will want to rip it into pieces so you don’t get to wear them ever again! Girls, don’t make your bedroom attire to be as boring as a lazy dick! As for my guys, please leave those Bin Laden-looking bed outfits in your closets and come to bed in your boxers and why not nothing!?

3. Excited Idiots

The worst kind of guys are the ones who are soo excited to have sex that they last only a second. Why are you acting like the pussy is on a race? If actress, Tonto Dikeh was sad about her ex husband lasting 40-secs in bed, an excited idiot would probably last 20. No woman wants a super excited man in her bed. Take your time to make her want, and beg for it. Don’t rush bro! You might just turn her off forever!

4. Staying Conservative

Nothing is as irritating as hearing “my father did, so will I.” WTF! How can a 27+ year old guy want to fuck like his dad or grandpa?   Do I look like your mom or grandma? Practicing the old age missionary style isn’t wrong but please spice it up a little in 2019. Why not lift both her legs and do-the-do? You can try placing her legs on your shoulders to achieve a deeper thrust? Why make a millennial babe lie lazily on her back with legs spread out like a well-fed dog so you can do what your father did forever years ago? Be you. Learn the new positions and practice them wisely. Bro, she’ll leave to never return if you stay old-fashioned.

5. Talking Parrot

No way am I going to let you talk your way till you cum. For God’s sake, shut up and fuck! A talkative in bed is annoying. Do you know some guys will go as far as talking about a football game to their girlfriends (who love home movies) while on top? She wants to feel your dick not hear your voice! Some ladies will also bring up their personal problems with their girlfriends when dude is trying to give a head. Sir/Madame, shut up already!  You both deserve a moment and that can only happen when your voice and useless topics are out of the way.

Please, change your ways!

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