5 Things A Woman Should Know In The Bedroom

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While some women handle their bedrooms with love, compassion and care, others just ignore the importance of hygiene, sanity and having so much fun in theirs. Just like my toilet, my bedroom is that one place in my home where I am completely myself and can freely roam in my nakedness, not scared of anything illegally penetrating into my body.

Honestly, some ladies don’t know how to keep their bedrooms clean and seductive enough to keep a man in them forever! Okay, well, not forever but for as long as you want him to be in it. “Show a man your bedroom and he will know what kind of woman you are,” my mom used to tell me this years ago and I agree.

So, I want to share a few simple tips on the tiny things a woman should know in the bedroom so that HE doesn’t vanish after the first time.

joan on sex

Things Women Should Know In The Bedroom


Cleanliness is next to Godliness. If you want him to keep coming back, you better keep your bedroom neat and smelling good. No man wants to come into a stuffy and saturated bedroom to continue to have pleasurable sex. Make sure your sheet is clean and your blinds don’t look like that of the Wizard of Oz. Most men can’t stay clean but they will always expect you [the lady] to have a home and not just a house.


Nothing is as seductive as a man being welcomed into the bedroom by the sight of his woman in a super sexy lingerie. Underwear plays a great role in seducing a man and winning his heart. Ask any guy and he would tell you that the last thing he wants while fondling a woman is seeing a dirty and smelly underwear filled with holes or nasty stains (mildew). It’s a turn off!


Girls! You have to know how to kiss a man. Kissing is an act of intimacy which can make any man weak in the knee. Using your tongue deliciously on his lips and other body parts is a way of making a guy want even more of you in the bedroom. Kissing his lips is cool but using a wet and fast tongue on his nipples, neck, thighs and into his ears is even better. Kiss him till he wants to rip off your clothes in 2 seconds! I didn’t say you should chew his mouth.

joan on sex

Be a great kisser to keep him closer (Joan Ngomba and Chris Okangue in pic)


Another thing a woman needs to know in the bedroom is how to give a damn good blow job! What’s more exciting to watch than a woman in a sexy lingerie going down on a man? Learn to take control. Allow him lay low while you wet his dick with your wrangling tongue. Make sure he’s watching as you do it and once in a while, give him “that look” while your mouth gets up, close and personal with the tip, back and bottom part of his penis. I would suggest you tie his hands to the bed to make it more intense.


The bedroom needs a fierce female. A woman who can get nasty, dirty and crazy in bed with her man. She isn’t afraid to give him orders and the same time, cares less if she’s smacked in the butt. The bedroom needs a woman who can take care of her man and make him forget about his worries and stress and focus on pleasure ONLY. She should know how to ride her man till he can’t breath. Your touches should send chills through his spine and your eyes should intimidate him. Allow him use you just as you use him. Make him have a moment with you, the one to make him come back for more.


Ladies, it’s 2019! It’s time to own a moment! Don’t be too shy or intimidated to give yourself some pleasure. Go have fun!

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