Jovi Le Monstre drops new EP ‘God Di Kam’


Popular Cameroonian rapper Jovi Le Monstre (Real name Ndukong Godlove Nfor)   has released an EP titled, ‘God Di Kam’.

The controversial rapper’s new EP comes only a month before the release of his forthcoming 7th album on Feb 16.

‘God Di Kam’ [English, God Is Coming] was dropped in January under his music label New Bell Music and already has mixed reactions from fans.


Jovi Le Monstre EP, God Di Kam cover art

Critics claim the rapper who calls himself the ‘god of rap’ (mboko god) could have done better with his lyrics.  To them the 7 track EP lacked lyrical credibility and it’s full with trashy shallow messages although it’s overwhelmed with great instrumental which to them is not strange because it’s one of his characteristics.

Despite the critics on the EP, the artist took to social media to announce that the EP was downloaded 10k times in 8 hours. This was followed by another statement from New Bell Music saying the Jovi EP was downloaded 20k times in two days.

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