Jovi Le Monstre and KO-C feud: What’s their beef about and how is Sarkodie involved


Hello #dcoders, and welcome to the celebrity feud you never knew you needed. No, We are not talking about Askia and Killa – we are talking about the beef between rappers, Jovi Le Monstre and Ko-C who are approximately few tweets away from throwing bottles.

So, why do Jovi Le Monstre and Ko-C hate each other so much right now and how is Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie involved with this Cameroonian celebrity feud? Let’s break it down tweet by tweet.

Rappers Jovi and Mic Monsta are yet to settle their recent social media brawl and now the beef with Ko-C and Jovi keeps getting nastier by the hour and here’s how it all started.

In the course of bragging about his never ending influence on rap culture in Cameroon, Jovi [on March 28] went as far as claiming that ever since he dropped his debut hit single, ‘Don 4 Kwat’ in 2010, the word and lifestyle of ‘Kwata’ has now become a thing.

Mic Monsta, who dropped his latest album, ‘Kwata Diary’ took offence and responded to Jovi’s tweet saying Jovi doesn’t only have to take credit  forgetting that the ‘Kwata experience’ is a part of the Cameroonian reality and being a creative like himself, anyone can be inspired by reality… and not a song.

Kwata Wahala! #micmonsta vs #JovileMonstre 😩

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Jovi’s tweets were coming only a few months after Blu Nation soldier, Tzy Panchak blasted him for perpetuating hate instead of love in the industry. The singer accused the rapper of being negative and less supportive of other artists in the music business.

Well, fast track to March, Big Dreams Entertainment rapper KO-C, who also hails from Kumba just as Monsta and Panchak,  jumped on board to tweet how he felt about Jovi’s continuous hate tweets at young rappers…. but as you’d expect, Jovi responded! Follow the trend below.

DCODERS, who is right and who is wrong? Drop your comments below

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  1. Panuchi Perez

    April 2, 2019 at 10:23 am

    My nigga Ko-c. I know you from the pen level. Shit didn’t do us no good. The streets showing us love. Focus n don’t use the bends.

  2. Maestro P

    April 2, 2019 at 11:35 am

    Respect is recyprocal. If the so called elderly artists need respect they ought to respect the younger ones too. I think here they all wrong. And KO- C to an extend is more focus on building not destroying. He thinks criticism doesn’t grow the industry while Jovi thinks cpyi g others doesn’t either but the words used are disgraceful.

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