Jovi Le Monstre vs Tzy Panchak beef part 2

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… And the Cameroonian celebrity beef continues!

Rapper, Jovi Le Monstre is firing back at singer, Tzy Panchak six days after the Blu Nation soldier slapped him with the now famous slag, “Shut up! some dull thing” comment on Twitter.

The New Bell Music boss has taken to Twitter once again, insisting he still can’t pronounce the name ‘Tzy Panchak’. He went on to say the ‘Stay With Me’ singer is unable to keep his big mouth shut, like Stanley Enow regularly does when he tweets at him, but has the guts to answer the #mbokogod on Twitter.

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Jovi slams Tzy Panchak on social media

As we earlier reported, the beef between Jovi and Panchak began when the rapper slammed Stanley Enow‘s latest hit song, ‘My Way’ on Twitter, claiming the song wasn’t a hit and that Locko was the best singer among the three featured artists.

Panchak replied Jovi’s tweet telling him to push out positive energy instead of negative vibes all the time. He advised the rapper to keep his mouth on his weed instead of trying to condemn other people’s hustle.

Almost a week after Panchak‘s “Shut up! Some dull thing” comment goes viral, rapper Jovi gets back on his Twitter slamming Tzy for not keeping his mouth shut like Stanley has been doing. Panchak replied with, “PRAY.”

Fan’s reactions under Jovi‘s latest tweet is even more hilarious.


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