Kene Mkparu announces big plan for Cameroon cinema

Kene Mkparu Cameroon cinema

Kene Mpkaru, Managing Director and CEO of Filmhouse Cinemas and FilmOne Distribution and Production has a big plan for Cameroon cinemas which includes the construction of a multi purpose cinema in Cameroon in the near future.

Mkparu disclosed his intention to build a state of art cinema in Douala during his speech at the Cameroon International Film Festival Award Night in Buea, on April 29 in the presence of the Minister of Arts and Culture, Jean Narcisse Mouelle Kombi.

According to the Nigerian born business man, the creation of a cinema in Cameroon will go a very long way to grow the cinema culture in the country and also build trust in the Cameroon film industry.

“Cameroon has the potential to be a major force in film business in Africa,” Mkparu tells us. “It will definitely take time but with determination and support from Cameroonians themselves, it could happen faster than we think,” he adds.

Mkparu, who is a very strong promoter of film in and out of Nigeria, explains further that the presence of cinemas in Cameroon will give not just the fans, but film makers the zeal to make better movies, premier these films nation wide and also market and distribute them to the local market.

No date has been set on when Mr. Mkparu intends to begin his big plans for Cameroon but it’s a hope Cameroonian film makers and lovers will want to hold on to for as long as possible.

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