Ladies: 5 things to have in your hand bag this season


Its that time of the month with sunny weather, clear skies, beautiful events, more outdoor dates and events but we could all get caught up and neglect the basic aspects of our day to day lives which is to constantly care for our skin and hair. Because we can enjoy the clear skies and good weather this season, there will be a lot of time spent outdoors so today, I want to tell you about the five beauty essentials we need to have in our hand bags. 

  1. A SCENT

As strange as this may sound, pretty skies go with beautiful places so does scents. It’s a good time to invest in that floral or fruity body splash or perfume. It’s December so we can treat ourselves into an early Christmas gift. There are multiple scents to choose from but a little advice is to go for a subtle scent. We do not want to be drowned by your heavily scented perfume under this heat! My favorite will be Bons Bons Malizia and endless bath and body works scents.


This weather may be too harsh on our skin so, go for a softer lotion full of moisture not forgetting to pick the ones which come with UVA(ultraviolet A) and UVB(ultraviolet B) sun rays protection. You could also invest in sunscreen to keep your pretty melanin intact and popping. I always use Avon body lotion as my go to body lotion during this period.


The hair can’t be left out of this post! If you cannot visit the saloon to regularly have our hair pampered, then you need to at least get a hair spray which is a simple product to keep your hair moisturized and pretty. There are countless brands but I personally prefer the ones that contain traces of olive oil.


Yes, I did include it in this list, because our lips do the talking, smiling and also its one facial feature people generally notice when you’re talking or approaching another person. This means we do need to make our lips stand out. Here’s a quick tip – brush your lips lightly with a soft bristle toothbrush or massage them with a quick scrub consisting with oil (any of your choice) and some sugar to help remove dead skin before applying the lip gloss or balm of our choice. Vaseline and Chapstick are great options


So we can’t carry a body scrub in our bag but yes it’s a must have, we do need it. In case you have never tried a body scrub, it changes the bathing game (lol).  A body scrub helps to remove dried out flaky skin (what we refer to in our local parlance as arithmetic) and also dead skin tissues. The best part about this is that you can make yours at home if you can’t buy. All you need is sugar and a fruit. For me, I add a few drops of coconut oil into a small amount of brown sugar. Then mash them up until it blends properly. After that, store in an airtight container. Viola!


So guys there we go hope you have fun trying out these new game changers let me know which one you tried and how its working out for you.

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