Liino 6ix – Bobo Dir BY ‘Na Goddy Pro Shootam’ Watch Video

Liiwor Bertrand AKA Liino 6ix hails from Nso in North West Region of Cameroon who saw the dawn of day in the early 1990s. His exceeding love for music introduced him to recording studios such as May 27 records, Red Gong Entertainment, and CJ Records in Bamenda which have helped to shape his current style.

Career Path:
After finishing his Diploma studies at the Cambridge University of Bamenda in 2016 and with the backing of the strongest man in his life – Master Lee, he went ahead to lunch his own label known as Freeman Music – based in Bamenda. He refers to himself often times as ‘The Freeman General who signed himself in his own label’

His Style
6ix is a versatile, energetic, talented and passionate afro/RnB artist/songwriter, delivering in his dialect (Nso Language), pidgin English, English and French.
He started off as a rapper and gradually streamlined his art into the current Afropop style. Many who listen to him sing would usually confess that his style is unique. This uniqueness gives him the power to deliver exceedingly well on any beat you present to him.

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