“I hate gays” – Limbe based artist Ali Rhymes blasts homosexual fan begging him for sex

gay sex

Gone are those days when a guy asks a girl out and the girl says no and he drops it and walks away. These days, a gay man asks a guy for sex, he says no, he tries everything within his power to convince him homosexuality is the best way of life. Why can’t he just walk away?

Limbe-based artist, Ali Rhymes is calling out a gay fan on social media for trying to transform his sexual preferences into liking men despite him telling the fan he is not gay.

Rhymes took to his Facebook wall early Saturday morning, slamming a gay man named Steve Benson for begging him for sex via Facebook Messenger. According to the singer, he loves women, prefers having sex with women and HATES gays.

“Steven Benson, Rhymes is no Gay! I will not warn you guys again. Stop contacting me to say shit. Last week was another Modafucka Darry, today you. I’m so much a fan to the opposite Sex and I enjoy that. So get your Gay mates to do shit with you.Be warned again! I will pray so God will Deliver you and make you see reasons to to Feel a woman… with all the juice woman got. I hate gays. If you are one, please Unfriend me,” Rhymes wrote on Facebook, September 15.

The rising act didn’t end there. He accompanied his message with screenshots of his private conversation with the so-called Steve.. exposing how the gay fellow asked him about his sexual habits.

gay sex

Ali Rhymes exposes gay man begging him for sex

Ali tells us exclusively that he’s really tired of gay men trying to convince him he is part of them. He adds that he constantly turns down their offer but they have continued to “pest his life” about being their lover. “I’m tired of this BS,” he said to us.

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  1. Frank

    September 15, 2018 at 7:31 pm

    Wow how sweet… Is this real or maybe one of the social media schemes to get public recognition and make sales?? Worse marketing strategy. Truth is, it instead ruins.

  2. Devontè

    January 19, 2019 at 12:21 am

    Well as an “artist ” or whatever you call yourself m n advocate for feminists/humanitarian to let you know you trying to say #noShad while you do shad only makes u partake of what you call gay as if it’s a crime someone was born that way . The way a woman dresses makes a statement those it not ?
    The way you dress for above what those that say ? Gay or Not
    Today y’all say am not gay but you put on ear rings, pants blow kneels acting all am not #Gay what then are you because that ain’t Straight
    Or is it ?

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