Your chance to attend Buea ‘Little Cindy’ premiere with Syndy Emade, Mayorchu Atem

little cindy

A 7-year old singer and heir to the Alom Business Empire mysteriously gets missing during a house party organized for her by her parents played by Libota McDonald and Solange Ojong, Mayorchu Atem-Ebai stars in Billy-Bob Ndive‘s new film, ‘Little Cindy’.

Mayorchu reigns as Cameroon’s Best Child star but her role in ‘Little Cindy’ is nothing less of proving she is able to take on a thrilling lead role even amidst a bunch of superstar actors.

little cindy

Little Cindy premieres in Buea in May

‘Little Cindy’ is a perfect come together of Cameroon’s best movie makers including Syndy Emade, Nchifor Valery, Mayorchu Atem-Ebai, Solange Ojong, Libota McDonald, Stephanie Tum, Lynno Lovert and co.

The movie will have its first public viewing at the Chariot Hotel in Buea on May 11, and readers of have a chance to attend the Buea premiere.  Stay with us for more info and like our Facebook page to know how to get your FREE tickets!

How far will the all-powerful family go to #Findlittlecindy? Watch Trailer below and leave us a comment below.


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