Official ‘Little Cindy’ movie cover art released, gets premier date

little cindy

BILIF Entertainment Pictures have just released the first official theatrical poster for the ‘Little Cindy’ movie via social media and they also just announced that the movie will be premiered in Buea on May 11.

Movie producer and director, Billy Bob Lifongo assures movie lovers in Cameroon that his new film has a come a long but it is definitely worth the wait!

“Little Cindy” is a thriller on the shocking disappearance of a 7-year-old singer at a home party organized by her affluent parents, Mark and Carine Alom.  Panic grips everyone as the search for Cindy  [Alom] keeps getting futile, suspicious and dangerous.

little cindy the movie

Little Cindy movie covert art released

“Little Cindy” features some of Cameroon’s finest actors including: Libota McDonald, Solange Ojong, Syndy Emade, Nchifor Valery, Lynno Lovert , Stephanie Tum, and little Cyndy herself, Mayorchou Atem-Ebai.

The film is been written, directed and co-produced by the producer of ‘Rumble’ TV series, Billy Bob Ndive Lifongo, edited by the multiple award winner editor, Agbor Obed Agbor.

Director of Photography is Giscard Cedric, Light by Ralph Obi Tambe and Sound by Egeh Priestly. The film is produced by Mbeaoh Alex and Billy Bob Lifongo.
“Little Cindy” will be premiered in Buea on May 11.
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