US-based Cameroonian singer, Longman drops ‘Bad Oh’ Video [WATCH]

The ‘Month of Love’ may be gone but Cameroonian singer, Longman is still sharing some good lovely lyrics in his latest song, ‘Bad Oh’.

The US-based Cameroonian singer has dropped his latest song and video of ‘Bad Oh’,  a song about a man not being afraid to express his deepest feelings to the woman he truly loves.

‘Bad Oh’ is a mix of Dancehall and Afrobeat with a smooth R&B and Rap delivery on the lyrics. The song appreciates love and why men need to voice out how they feel to their wives, girlfriends or side chicks.

Longman is telling his woman that she’s “bad oh” and she needs a wedding ring. He says she’s the only one he wants and she’s his perfect partner. According to the singer, life is too short to waste your time being afraid to make your partner know you truly love him/her.

“If your married, engaged, have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend, secret admirer, single, ‘Bad Oh’  is for you… And if you’re single, don’t forget to love yourself, because LOVE IS THE ONLY SOLUTION,” Longman wrote on Facebook on Feb, 14.

H. Hardy directed the video and the song is produced by Z Boy and Capass. Who says we should stop celebrating love after Valentine’s Day?

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Singer, Longman releases Bad Oh song and video

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