5 Times Lucie Memba has sizzled in bikinis

cameroonian actress

She may have been the conservative wife to a soldier in the movie “La Patrie D’Abord’ but Cameroonian actress, Lucie Memba is far from being so homey when she dons the sexiest bikinis on her holiday getaways.

Lucie Memba doesn’t hesitate to flaunt her envious body physique in different types of swimwears eat any given chance she gets. In fact, she is telling every woman that being a mother (of three) doesn’t mean you kick out your drive to being hot and fit outside the window.

“It’s important for women to feel their best at all times. Motherhood shouldn’t take away your will to looking sexy or hot or even rock the baddest bikini you lay hands on. For me, I think mothers should even look their best after having their babies. Get back to being that sexy woman your man met years ago,” Lucie shares with us.

Memba is a famous filmmaker and a fashion businesswoman – she owns La Fée Lucie fashion store – but hell does she rock her own products like a pro. However, the actress tells us, it’s not easy keeping shape given her jobs as a mother, wife and entrepreneur but she clearly adores her gym and diet results. But there’s even more.

“I am trying to keep up,” she jokingly tells us. “I boil citronelle (fever grass) and mix it with lemon and drink a warm cup every morning. It is very good to burn and eliminate all the excess fat, sugar and all. It also helps in keeping the tummy flat,” she adds.

Lucie is not only celebrated by her fans for keeping her melanin body texture and natural kinky hair in tact but she is a red carpet diva! She rocks it all and yet slays every time.

Who said being an active hustler, mother, wife and traveller takes away your willingness and ability to slay in your bikinis? No one!

Check out our gallery below for Lucie’s hottest bikini pics … yet!


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