Lucie Memba heads to Paris in search of better acting skills

lucie memba

Lucie Memba wants the best for herself and the Cameroon movie industry and to get what she wants, better acting skills are much needed.

The Cameroonian actress in currently in Paris, France for special film workshops which will see her sharing and acquiring better knowledge in acting and film production.

The actress is in Paris for two intensive acting training sessions in two different acting schools; Studio Pygmalion and the Actor’s Factory. 

“For me as an actress, it’s very important to be well trained and be more competitive and opened minded. Cameroonian film makers need to be more open minded and work together to build our industry. We also need to study to become best at what we do,” Lucie tells us exclusively.

The actress will be out for at least a month and will definitely miss out on the Valentine’s Day celebrations back home.

“Love is not only in Cameroon. It’s not a Cameroonian thing… you know. Love can be celebrated by anyone from any part of the world. So, I send my love this time around from Paris,” Lucie laughs.

Lucie, who recently launched her fashion store – La Fée Lucie – in Douala, explains that movie remains her first love and she hopes to do her best to be greater at what she does and also inspire younger actresses or producers to aim for the best through hard work and acquiring knowledge.

“I hope to come back on set being better armed to seduce more movie lovers by my acting game,” says Memba.


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