Lynno Lovert calls out Jeffery Epule on social media


Lynno Lovert is reminiscing the incident that landed him behind bars in 2017 and we are not sure if he’s gotten over that fact that it was his former friend, Jeffery Epule who put him there in the first place.

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Jeffrey Epule Lynno Lovert nasty fight

Jeffrey Epule , Lynno Lovert in nasty fight

The actor has never told his side of that sad story which saw him breaking Epule’s head with a stone in Molyko, Buea on November 29 and eventually been jailed for failing to pay back Epule’s broken smartphone thanks to their public display of shame. But Lynno is now starting to dish out bits of what really happened that night.

Reacting to a video posted on social media of two guys fighting on the streets, Lynno Lovert claimed the video reminded him of what may [or may not] have happened that faithful night between him and his colleague, Epule.

jeffery epule

Lynno Loverts throws shade at Jeffery Epule on social media

Just to be clearer,  Epule was accused of texting bloggers about the fight that night and even sending them selfies of his broken skull as well as pictures of him on the hospital stretcher before and after receiving couple of stitches to his broken head.

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Dcoders, do you think Lynno Lovert should still tell his own side of the story about the night he broke Jeff Epule’s head with a stone? Let us know in the comment section below.


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