Magasco insists on #createAsolution for Anglophone Crisis, “Dialogue can be of great help”


Afro Pop star, Magasco is taking his famous #createAsolution campaign to higher heights by demanding for immediate dialogue as the best solution to the on going Anglophone Crisis.

The Empire Company music superstar is asking political leaders to come to the round table and find lasting solutions to a crisis which has successfully ripped off the peace, hundreds of lives and countless properties in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

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In a recent Facebook post, the ‘Zamba’ crooner unveiled his new face-caps bearing the famous hashtag, #createAsolution (launched in May) as a way to call for attention on the crisis as well as demanding for a permanent stop to the killings of young and potential Cameroonians in the South West and North West Regions.

“#createAsolution . #Fighting, #violence etc .. are not Solutions. They not helping. DIALOGUE CAN BE OF GREAT HELP. Let’s end this nightmare… OUR LEADERS #createAsolution for this Nation,” he wrote on his Facebook wall, July 3.

This is not the first time Magasco is publicly airing his opinion on the vicious crisis rooting off the peace of his hometown, Bamenda and the rest of the Anglophone regions in Cameroon.

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The Yaounde-based singer paid a touching tribute to those who had lost their lives in the crisis at his Dallas-USA concert in September 2017, by asking his audience to give a minute of silence to the dead.

He has also been very vocal about his feelings towards the government and ‘revolution’ leaders finding lasting peace in the SW and NW Regions to help stop the killings and violence in both regions.

#DCODERS, do you think Magasco’s #createAsolution campaign can help get our leaders to sit down for a dialogue?

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