Magasco condemns arrest of freedom fighters in Southern Cameroons


Magasco has condemned the forceful arrest of freedom fighters and political leaders in Southern Cameroons.

The singer and songwriter, who hails from the North West Region,  says there can not be a peaceful dialogue if the government keeps arresting those they are to make truce with.

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Magasco jumped on his Facebook page on January 19 asking if political leaders from Southern Cameroon are indeed free.

“How do we get Dialogue when the leaders are not even free ? I hope it’s not true that the leaders of the struggle are not Free. Where is the Dialogue?” singer wrote.

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After news broke online, January 22, that Honorable Member of Parliament from the North West Region, Hon. Wirba Joseph has been arrested after his immunity was allegedly revoked by the Head of State, the “Wule Bang Bang” hitmaker landed on his Facebook again writing,

“You can’t and will NEVER stop the WIND. DO UR WORST MANIPULATORS.”

Magasco on anglophone problem

Magasco on anglophone problem

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