Magasco launches #createAsolution campaign to bring back peace in Cameroon


Magasco is clearly no lover of war or division among nations. The singer has just launched the #createAsolution campaign on social media in a bid to preach peace in Cameroon.

The Empire Company star is introducing his new hashtag after a year of social and political unrest in Cameroon which has led to the loss of lives and properties in the South West and North West Regions of the country.

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Magasco, who has been vocal about the ‘Anglophone Problem’ on social media and several media interviews now says, peace has to reign and love has to lead for Cameroonians to enjoy unity and peace among themselves once again. The singer is calling for both parties – the so-called Ambazonians and the Government – to find ways to dialogue and find lasting solutions to the crisis.


The “Bella” hit maker’s call for peace is coming  nearly two years since the lawyers and teachers went on strike , back in November 2016, demanding for total reforms in their various sectors. They were soon joined by disgruntled Anglophones who felt the government has cheated them of their rights as equal citizens in the country.

Most of their complains were around socio-economic and political reforms which the Government reportedly responded by ruthless military bombardment of their rural areas, killing hundreds of civilians who dared to demand for change. Some of the revolutionaries were even jailed for months on the grounds of terrorism.

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Magasco asks for peace in Cameroon

However, the government has assured Cameroonians that they have been open to dialogue for a long time and are doing all they can to maintain peace and the unity in the country.  They also say, the government is not out to prevent civilians from enjoying a peaceful stay in Cameroon but the military is only out to combat terrorism in the hinterlands.

Magasco still thinks both parties need to stop with the fighting and find solutions as soon as possible.

DCODERS, do you agree with Magasco?


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  1. Berthy Pretty Cent

    May 19, 2018 at 4:46 am

    Anybody who doesn,t know by now that the government of Cameroon doesn.t have any solution to the Anglophone problem must be insane.

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