Magasco, Frank Sire, Kang Quintus condemn sex tape of Buea socialite

magasco frank sire kang quintus sex tape

Magasco, Frank Sire, Kang Quintus and other Cameroonian celebs have condemned the recently released sex tape featuring a popular female socialite in Buea.

The stars are using their voices to call on the stop of such ‘wicked’ practices as they also question the morals of those who do sex tapes as well as people who would go to the extent of releasing a private sexual activity of another person to the public.

Singer Magasco kicked off with a post on his Facebook wall saying:

US-based Cameroonian film maker Kang Quintus followed suit saying any man or woman who releases a sex video of another person should also remind him or herself that the victim could be your relative.

“People need to stop this degrading act… Releasing someone’s private video is very wrong at every level. This girl or any victim’s life has been destroyed for life! Her life would never be the same again. She would would have to live to live with this trauma for the rest of her life. 

“Any man or woman who releases another person’s sex tape or video should also be reminded that what goes around comes around…That person might be your sister , brother, father or mother. It might even be you. However, on another note, people need to stop doing sex tapes in the first place. that’s where the problem starts from. No matter the situation or conditions, never ever send any naked pictures or sex videos to anyone. All these need to stop!” Kang explains

Actor and screenplay writer, Frank Sire however blames the female victim for allowing herself be filmed while having sex with another person. He insists the girl knew what she was doing and should take responsibility of her own act.

“If this babe had the guts and balls to do this thing with someone else filming then she can do porn. I think she has a career there. Let her make use of it. Opportunity comes just once. Let her loose herself and take advantage of this. She’s already out there. Another video with a bank cheque will make more sense. 

As for the moron who leaked that tape, I don’t even want to talk about that fool. The consequences are closer than he thinks,” he says.

What are your thoughts about sex tapes and those who leak them to the public? Tell us below.

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