“I’m not signed to Universal Music Africa in no shape or form” – Magasco states


Magasco has confirmed he is signed only to his own label B-Boy Records and not Universal Music Group like his former boss claims.

Pit Baccardi, founder of Magasco‘s former label, Empire Company announced on Monday June 17, via Instagram, that members of his label – himself, Charlotte Dipanda, Mimie, Minks and Magasco – have been signed to Universal Music Africa.

Magasco was quick to debunk Baccardi’s announcement by the next day. In a press statement on July 18, the singer insists he is not signed to Universal Music Africa and his ex boss went on to take a deal without his consent.


Although Magasco has turned his back on his supposed Universal Music Africa deal, the other Empire Company artists are thrilled with the idea of being part of the UMA family. Singer, Mimie and rapper Minks have taken to their Instagram handles to express their gratitude instead.

Mimie, Minks, Charlotte Dipanda and Pit Baccardi now join the likes of Tenor and Locko as the few Cameroonian artists signed to Universal Music Africa.

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