Malvis Ann Mohvu fails to impress on CAMIFF 2017 red carpet

Malvis Ann Mohvu camiff red carpet

While Lucie Memba, Nsang Dilong, Stephanie Tum stunned on the red carpet, fashion forward actress, Malvis Ann Mohvu couldn’t make the Best Dressed List on day one of the Cameroon Film Festival (CAMIFF) 2017 in Buea.

The sexy actress had a very taut appearance looking very different to the always red carpet ready star we all know. Leaving many fashion bloggers to go – “What the heck is she wearing?”

Malvis Ann Mohvu camiff red carpet

Malvis Ann Mohvu on CAMIFF 2017 red carpet

Malvis showed up to the CAMIFF red carpet on April 24 in a wine-colored gown with two very long slits at the front that helped flashed her long but thicker legs. She also went for a big chocker (same wine color) which didn’t just look like it was a big head tie tied around her neck but seemed unbearable… even for her!

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Unfortunately for the screen princess, the dress lacked fitting and couldn’t produce her number-eight figure we’re all familiar with. To make matters worse, her girls were all over the place just because she might have forgotten to provide them with a nice firm piece of bra!

“Personally, I think Malvis is a beautiful and talented lady and that’s a nice dress. But please can someone just be honest yo.say that dress is better of on.a slimmer person, and that chocker is toooo thick.I mean it’s like a turtle neck dress. Oh and her breast. I dunno what’s going on there but they are at some weird angles. .. Worst still the cholesterol accumulated on her thighs. I think she shouldn’t have worn a dress with a slit with all that cholesterol. . Just a personal opinion,” Shade Grey commented on Malvis’ dress on Facebook.

“Beautiful Malvis but that dress and breast, something went wrong… love your nails, shoe and face babe,” another fan added.

“That dress did u no justice girl but u looking good,” Another said

I will be honest.You look “fat” in that dress.Make up and hair perfect.But the dress….You didn’t wear it right,” another wrote.

Malvis Ann Mohvu CAMIFF red carpet

Malvis Ann Mohvu on day1 & 2 CAMIFF 2017 red carpet

Well, the actress took all the comments with grace and shot the red carpet down at day 2 of the festival tagged Cultural Night when she showed up in a sleeveless traditionally designed ball gown. Needless to say, hair and make up were on fleek! She nailed her second look like the pro we remember her to be. She even replied her “haters” with,  “Well you can’t get it right every time I guess.”

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Malvis Ann Mohvu

Malvis Ann Mohvu, CAMIFF 2015

At the previous edition of the film festival, fans were left baffled by her looks when she showed up in a deep plunging neckline yellow ensemble and bob hair-do. Even though she received some backlash on Facebook, may applauded her for daring in that Mareta West number (One of her most iconic looks ever!)


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